Support LAMBA-IMBA #LocalSingletrack #LinnAreaMTB!

LAMBA and many other IMBA Chapters are hard at work in their back yards, board rooms, and communities. But this work requires funding; the newly opened trails at Squaw Creek cost well into six figures to design, permit and build. Join or renew your LAMBA-IMBA chapter membership, TODAY, and you not only support efforts like these, you could win a new Banshee Spitfire 140mm trail bike from Jenson USA!

THIS WEEK ONLY, you are also entered to win a portable pro toolkit from Lezyne. Get on it!




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Northtowne Gives

Do you shop at Northtowne Cycling & Fitness and wish to support local cycling? Mention LAMBA at checkout and a portion of your purchase will support mt. biking experiences in / around Linn County 

The Northtowne Gives program also supports the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and our local sister .org Linn County Trails Association   

Northtowne Gives Program


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Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy

The Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy is back with a slightly changed route from last year. We’ll do a counter clockwise loop again and we’ll hit everything that makes Beverly Park the awesome place to ride that it is. Please note that June 3rd is a Saturday. Due to scheduling constraints, this is the only day we could make this work for us. Check out the Facebook event @ and get registered online to race here @ – hope to see everyone out there!

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LAMBA update, Spring 2017

It’s Sunday AM, chilly, rainy, coffee in hand ☕ and hey why not an old school 🖥️ WordPress bloggy thingy update?

We had a board meeting the other night 🤝 at the Village Venue (thank you for lending the location Steve Shriver) it was good, we have a lot going on, we have a lot to do. Become a member if you aren’t already, maybe win a bike, plugin 🔌 to the scene… @LinnAreaMTB #LinnAreaMTB via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Enough about that, what about the trails? Well, the #sacfoxsingletrack is all conditions (except when under flood water) so you pretty much always have that off road singletrack riding experience at your disposal. Beverly singletrack is lookin’ good and rebounding quickly after each rain event. The original singletrack at Squaw Creek is in the same boat, pun intended 🤔

We currently have professional trail building firms in the area completing a portion of our trail plans at Squaw Creek, target opening date of mid June of this year! There will be long and new section of green (less difficult) cross country trail with flow elements to complete a loop, and a blue (more difficult) singletrack with flow elements and boardwalk that connects the green trails to the original trails; here’s a map (thank you Steve Rassmussen). If you would like to help out with this project, contact me – Ken Barker, el Presidente deLAMBA – and we’ll arrange as necessary; trail building is hard work so please do not be afraid to lend a hand! *p.s. gotta be a LAMBA member with waiver on file. 

Another very exciting MTB experience coming to our town via the Linn County Solid Waste Agency is the Mt. Trashmore green (less difficult) flow trail. Another professional trail firm was in town just last week laying out the trail. Please fee free to contact agency board members in support of this project 👍 Special thanks to IMBA for their work in facilitating the start of this project! Ever wonder what you get for your membership? This is but one example.

There’s more, always more; but will wrap it up with a list of upcoming events…

Ongoing & Upcoming Events:

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Winter Conditions? Strangely enough, this happens every year 🤔

Winter “Fat” Biking Tips
-Keep tire pressure around 5 psi ( no gauge?  apply pressure on seat and handle bars; if the tires start to flatten – you are good to go!
-Use your front brake!  Too many riders neglect using their front brake and loose control of their bikes because the rear tire slides out.
-When climbing hills, stay in your saddle and pull straight back on the handlebars (towards your saddle).  Do not pull up or use them for leverage for your pedaling.
-Look where you want to go, it’s best to look at least 15 to 20 feet ahead of the bike.
-Remember that most of the trail is two-way, be sure to call out “RIDER!” when approaching a blind section of trail.

via –

Ah winter riding, such a conundrum when it comes to hitting the dirt. It’s not an exact science due to multiple factors (i.e. soil type, moisture content, grades, temperature, sun exposure, leaf cover, etc.) therefore black & white steadfast rules don’t really exist, it’s ultimately up to the best (and hopefully educated) judgment of each trail user. WinterConditionsDo know this… if you’re leaving an impression on the trail more than a half inch deep, you are causing problems that will require volunteer time and attention; not cool. winter_rutsPeople want to get out on the trails, a good thing! However, we address this problem every spring, throughout the “normal” riding season, and now in the winter… I could go on and on, but won’t. Instead, check out this regionally similar post with more details, it is one of the better / more accurate ones I’ve come across. And here is another from our FORC’n Quad Cities friends, who are awesome. Thank for reading and clicking every single link 🙂 Ken, the LAMBA guy who is really into trails

*edit / UPDATE (2015):  Our friends to the south (ICORR) recently posted about Winter Conditions as well, very important as we enter the thaw – freeze cycles of spring…


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