IMBA in Iowa?

IMBA in Iowa? Professional trail planning by IMBA Trail Solutions in Linn County? You heard right, that is not a rumor, rather, a reality. Dan Hudson of IMBA Trail Solutions spent a week and a half on the ground in Squaw Creek and Pinicon Ridge Parks, evaluating the spaces for potential singletrack trail options.

Linn Area Mountain Bike Association, now an IMBA chapter club, raised the $20,000 with the help of Linn County Trails Association, Marion Hotel Motel grant money, and private donors, to bring IMBA to town to provide professional concept plans for the two Linn County Parks. Professional concepts planning helps land managers and our organization to look at long range goals and planning, while incorporating singletrack into those discussions.

While in town, Dan not only investigated all areas of the parks, but spoke to local park managers, officials from Linn County Conservation, the City of Cedar Rapids, and the City of Marion. In addition, he met with advocates and riders from the local mountain bike community to explain trail concepts and gather information about the current singletrack options and the dreams of singletrack users.

The final meeting with Linn County officials was Wednesday morning and the next step is for Dan to compile all the data he gathered into an official report for LAMBA and Linn County. This is the first of many phases in the process of making Linn County and Eastern Iowa a mountain bike destination. Next steps include gaining permissions from the land managers, evaluating building models, and more fundraising.

A great big thank you to all who have supported LAMBA, continue to support LAMBA, and those who keep on supporting us as we work through these exciting projects. Here’s to great riding!

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