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Let The Frost Out

It’s that time of year again, please use common sense when it comes time to choose whether or not to hit the dirt. Leaving pock marks from walking or ruts from riding requires time and energy to repair, and you know we’d rather use our resources to bring you even more high quality trail opportunities. […]

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Conservation Update

LAMBA does so much more than ride our bikes in the dirt. Here’s an update / summary of our conservation efforts, which continues year after year. Our work began in 2006 with the removal of tons of trash and left over farming materials scattered throughout Beverly Park.В  After an assessment by the state forester, our […]

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LAMBA Temporarily Suspending Activities (Insurance)

LAMBA is temporarily suspending all club activities due to issues with insurance cost and availability. We are working diligently on solutions. On February 13th LAMBA was notified that there would be no renewal of the national insurance program for mountain bike clubs and it would expire on February 28. Since then we have been working […]

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