the MTB experience coming to Vinton

It’s a cool scenario:  folks from Vinton visit Cedar Rapids, ride Beverly Park singletrack, and ask the question “Why not in our hometown?”


Vinton friends “researching” local singletrack (July 2016)

To make a long story short – Vinton Parks & Rec. contacts LAMBA, your local IMBA chapter assists them with a plan, IMBA grants a trail care crew visit, and wallah… backyard trails in Vinton, Iowa.


Breaking out the topo maps for trail planning (winter 2015)

Ha, there’s a lot more to it than that! Our emerging mtb friends a bit to the north have some awesome ideas, a solid plan, a lot of work to do for it all to come to fruition, and are well on their way; stay tuned / plug in…

workerwall (1)

Americorps youth constructing a retaining wall (July 2016)

p.s. LAMBA’s ability to bring mtb experiences to our area is a direct result of the work of IMBA, and has continued to evolve due to our partnership with IMBA; bottom line – please support these awesome nonprofits by joining your local chapter!

Thanks for reading, see you on the trails



Corridor flagging (winter 2015)


Help with planning (Winter 2016)


Planning visit (Winter 2016)


Community connections (Winter 2016)


Community education i.e. “Better Living Through Trails” (July 2016)


Trail school (July 2016)


Trail building (July 2016)

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