How to party with LAMBA, last minute deets…

  • Be ready for fun… gauge your expectations, whether you’re riding trails or partying in a yet to be open building, you really cannot know what exactly to expect.
  • Bring lawn chairs. or really comfortable shoes… seriously, we’re inside but there are no chairs and the floor is concrete; kinda like a trailhead gathering, but different.LAMBA LBB Banner 17
  • Bring your family… but probably not your animals, and please, don’t make others supervise your children.
  • Bring a growler, empty or full… Lion Bridge Brewing is right there, fill up your fave and share!
  • Bring money… we’re a non-profit who relies on the generosity of our public, don’t be a mooch.
  • Ride your bike… it’s going to be unseasonably warm!
  • If you drive, please park adjacent to the building or in the overflow lots across the street (i.e. save Lion Bridge’s lot for their customers, they have an event as well)
  • If you want to lend a hand with the event… we love our volunteers, get in touch!  –
  • Let us know you’re attending, share the event with others – Facebook Event Page

Thank You!

Ken Barker el Presidente deLAMBA


February 16, 2017 · Ken · Comments Closed
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