LAMBA update, Spring 2017

It’s Sunday AM, chilly, rainy, coffee in hand ☕ and hey why not an old school 🖥️ WordPress bloggy thingy update?

We had a board meeting the other night 🤝 at the Village Venue (thank you for lending the location Steve Shriver) it was good, we have a lot going on, we have a lot to do. Become a member if you aren’t already, maybe win a bike, plugin 🔌 to the scene… @LinnAreaMTB #LinnAreaMTB via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Enough about that, what about the trails? Well, the #sacfoxsingletrack is all conditions (except when under flood water) so you pretty much always have that off road singletrack riding experience at your disposal. Beverly singletrack is lookin’ good and rebounding quickly after each rain event. The original singletrack at Squaw Creek is in the same boat, pun intended 🤔

We currently have professional trail building firms in the area completing a portion of our trail plans at Squaw Creek, target opening date of mid June of this year! There will be long and new section of green (less difficult) cross country trail with flow elements to complete a loop, and a blue (more difficult) singletrack with flow elements and boardwalk that connects the green trails to the original trails; here’s a map (thank you Steve Rassmussen). If you would like to help out with this project, contact me – Ken Barker, el Presidente deLAMBA – and we’ll arrange as necessary; trail building is hard work so please do not be afraid to lend a hand! *p.s. gotta be a LAMBA member with waiver on file. 

Another very exciting MTB experience coming to our town via the Linn County Solid Waste Agency is the Mt. Trashmore green (less difficult) flow trail. Another professional trail firm was in town just last week laying out the trail. Please fee free to contact agency board members in support of this project 👍 Special thanks to IMBA for their work in facilitating the start of this project! Ever wonder what you get for your membership? This is but one example.

There’s more, always more; but will wrap it up with a list of upcoming events…

Ongoing & Upcoming Events:

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